About Me

I love creativity, challenges, trending topics, making sales, and most of working with different people. I have been doing digital marketing for the past 5 years specializing in developing stories, entertainment, media, and educational tools and expanding the connection to the global community.

I don’t worry much about my service delivery since I know the infrastructure that is making this reality is what will help reach the peak. It will help me in improving my inner self as well as that of media, content, technology and the disruptive media in my entire surrounding. I can comfortably say that am currently learning new things and improving my internet skills.

Despite that all these skills are self-taught, I have few awards that I have done in the last few years including the filmmaker of the year. I did a certain movie that I filmed, edited, written, directed and produced all by myself. Additionally, I have done other short movies of different genres and so far so well.

To start with is the movie I did back in 2005 duped “LOVE”, it was a psychological thriller movie combined with zombie characters. I was also part of the cast that did “The resurrecting devil” and the children comedy film “Keep walking”. All the movies that have been screamed in almost all parts of the world.

Recently I have focused on blogging trying to make a living in reviewing smartphones all over the world in all known brands. I am focusing on producing original content that is real for all the people all over the world. The original writings on this blog are purely mine and no infringement that is here at all means. Any resemblance is not real, and I own the rights at all means possible. Click the pages and have fun reading my work. Be informed and entertained to the end.


Edward Andrew Neary (Ed)

1807 Glenwood St. NE

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Telephone: +44 7700 900591

Email: estellelindsay@gmail.com